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The Mi-17 helicopters are helicopters Mi-8 with two GTE TVZ-MC take-off power on CV, and improved performance characteristics. Development of the Mi-17 was completed in 1980 and in 1981. it was first demonstrated at the aerospace exhibition in Paris.

Since 1981, when the Mi-17 helicopters got its start in life, released a large number of its modifications in the civil version. Consider some of them. Mi-P is designed to carry passengers, there is a variant of “Salon”, which is used for VIP-persons. The rescue helicopter Mi-17, the photo of which is given in the article, has index M, equipped with a boom winch and an onboard searchlight to locate objects at night. Mi-17-1V helicopter transport vehicle with increased engine power and payload capacity.

The power of the engines of the Mil-17 helicopter 2*1400 kW, main rotor diameter 21,29 m, speed: max 250 km/h and cruising speed of 240 km/h, a range of 465 kilometers. As we have seen, the Mi-17 specifications are at a sufficiently high level and keep up with options of more modern machines.
Structurally, the Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters are in fact the same model. The main difference is the location of the tail rotor, its direction of rotation and shortened gondolas of engines.

The rotor is equipped with a vibration damper, the blades are made of fiberglass. The Mi-17 is equipped with two gas turbine power plants with a capacity of 1400 kW. In case of failure of one unit, it is possible to continue flying on the remaining engine. As the transmission uses the gearbox VR-14.

The Mi-17 helicopter uses the equipment, providing piloting in adverse weather conditions and at night, and on military versions of the device of ejection of heat flares and chaff.

In the late 80-ies of XX century was modernized Mi-17 helicopter, which was produced under the symbol of the Mi-171. On its basis there was developed the flying hospital Mi-V equipped operating room. Intended to provide emergency medical assistance and evacuate the wounded from inaccessible areas. The Mi-172 helicopter to carry passengers with increased capacity of the new power plant. On the basis of the Mi-17 helicopter also flying created “environmental laboratory”, which is designed to control the environment. The helicopter is equipped with devices for sensing the earth’s surface and atmosphere, radiological control, as well as analysis of the ecological state of the area. Fire option designed for the localization and liquidation of fire in inaccessible and remote areas and in the woods. Equipped with overflow system for a total volume of 2 cubic meters.

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